dialogue (conversation)

Photo © Ulf Fågelhammar

I came to think of "grandma" as I call her - a woman from Morocco living in my neighbourhood. She does not understand or speak Swedish but I still have some kind of dialogue with her.

At first my grandson was a bit afraid of her, she sometimes paints her face in different colours and it may look scary to a small kid.

But "grandma" loves children and it is easy to have a conversation with her. When she sees me without my little friend she asks "Where is he - where is he - at least that is what I think she says probably in some Berber language. I answer: "på dagis" (at the kindergarten, pre school) and she is satisfied with that.

Anyway, by conversing with "grandma" every time we meet, my grandson understands that he should not be afraid. From this picture you see that he runs to give her a hug whenever they meet.


Anonymous said…
Invisible dialogue !!!!

Anonymous said…
beautiful...just what I needed today!

br said…
the magic of personalities. lovely.
Anonymous said…
that's beautiful. Thank you.