591 Exhibition - Jan Bernhardtz

Photo © Jan Berhardtz

Photo © Jan Bernhardtz

I am glad to present these selected works of Jan Bernhardtz. It is a great visual experience to enter the world of this fine photographer. His way of seeing is original, often humorous and optimistic without any trace of cynicism or the shallowness you sometimes find among the "flaneur photographers".

I see compassion and sympathy for all of us in his images - a true humanistic approach.
The pictures on show cover more than 30 years of the works of Jan Bernhardtz. It is good to see you here Jan.

Exhibition ended January 31, 2009

Jan Bernhardtz
Born: 1946

Lives in: (from 2009): Örebro, Sweden
Latest exhibition: Just a small one at Nödinge library last summer
Coming, planned exhibition: Fotokompaniet Göteborg in July 2009 if I go ahead. I am trying to convince a friend to join me in this. We'll see.
Inspiration (photographers): I find many photographers inspiring. Just to name a few: Roger Ballen, Christer Strömholm, Bill Brandt, Pieter Hugo and Diane Arbus
Inspiration (other): Since my hearing has become awfully faint during the last years, I can no longer enjoy music. I can enjoy other arts though:)
Film, digital or both: mostly film but I own a digital camera.
Quote:"It is the art of SEEING that is the starting point for all creativety and then, of course, every profession is subject to its specific mathematics and material conditions". - Christer Strömholm


cafe selavy said…
Jan is an inspiring artist. I've never seen an image by him that does not thrill me. Thanks for putting this up.
Anonymous said…
Jan is among my preferred photographers for his ability of "seeing" and telling about people's life
Anonymous said…
Wow, inspiring is just the word I was thinking. I've always enjoyed seeing Jan's photos but it's even better seeing them all together!

Anonymous said…
Excellent exhibition!
Jan är en av inspiratörerna!!
Anonymous said…
Thank you my friends. You make me happy:)

Jan Bernhardtz
Jan Buse said…
Some really great stuff here. Don´t think I have seen nr 5 and 28before, special, like them a lot.
Mikael said…
So many great moments you´ve captured
Anonymous said…
a unique artist! there is a balance between surreal and real. i could look at these forever. congrats, a great exhibit.