Bins (and some reflections about the big three)

Photo © Beatriz Rowland

Photo © Beatriz Rowland

Photo © Beatriz Rowland
The bins
A place where used items are sold by the pound. These items, as i think of them, are like large chunks post-industrial dust; they are what remains and will remain on the planet after the desire to produce, consume, and discard things has faded away. In a way, it is a toxic inheritance left for the next generations. The shoppers are doing the best thing; reusing already produced items.
- Beatriz Rowland

Citizen Zed has now been informed about that the big 3 are Chrysler, Ford and General Motors (or was it Nokia, Ericsson and Motorola?) He is still confused. So Bea offers him another interpretation: Food, Clothing and Shelter.

Citizen Zed feels a bit more comfortable. However, he still doesn´t get the part about the hill.


Anonymous said…
Then again, there are a lot of Big Threes! :)