591 Exhibition - Håkan Strand

Photo © Håkan Strand

Photo © Håkan Strand

Photo © Håkan Strand

"I often work with long exposures in order to reduce the landscapes into elemental, graphic shapes. I like to simplify, to extract unnecessary elements, in order to emphasize the subject I'm working with."
- Håkan Strand

When I see the photography of Håkan Strand it is quite striking how determined he is in proving his point - he has made up his mind about what he should focus on and he works in that direction with endurance and passion.

In the exhibition on 591 photography gallery there are pictures from over half a dozen countries and a multitude of motifs. I was allowed to make a selection from his work and decided to look for "deviation", which could be understood as "change", "a difference or the (real or metaphorical) route followed by a different choice". The opposite to "deviant" is "conformity".

There is a great variety in Håkan Strands work and he keeps the viewer occupied all the time, never letting go of his main mission - to explore the forms, the geometry created by the light in landscapes, in city buildings or other man made structures.

It is a tempting thought to include the people that appear in Strands photos in that mission. And yes, perhaps the photographer himself - like a Zen monk meditatating in order to extract "unnecessary elements" from his mind - a beautiful vision.

Håkan Strand
Born 1959
Lives in: Stockholm Sweden
Latest exhibition: galleri ikon, Stockholm
Check out the site Strand Photography for more.

Exhibition ended Feb 1, 2009


Anonymous said…
beautiful visions and light!
Mikael said…
Impressive work!
Anonymous said…
Riktigt fint detta Håkan.
Det var kul att träffas i verkligheten också :)
Anonymous said…
Pictures that brings me peace of mind !!!!