inter-blog discussions

Photo © Ulf Fågelhammar

I confess. My knowledge is sparse. I seldom find the time to explore other blogs about photography. So this is my promise for the New Year - I will add a few more of them to my reading list. Speaking of lists - I saw that Jörg Colberg posted a list "Things I'd love to see more/less of in 2009" in his web log Conscientious. Colberg mentions "the usual suspects"; Roland Barthes, John Szarkowski, Walter Benjamin.
Yes, I have heard about them, but they are not too well known on my planet.

Anyway, if I should make a list inspired by Colberg about the coming year
- what would I love to see more/less of in 2009 in photography? My first reflection...I don't know. But after thinking about if for half an hour or so I came up with this:

Things I'd love to see less of in 2009:
1. Nonsense
2. Fine Art Photography
3. Sayings of the High One's

Things I'd love to see more of in 2009:
1. Truth

2. Photography
3. sayings of the low one's

Blogs I read now and then concerning photography: Conscientious (obviously), another one is Ben Huff • words & photgraphs - the life of a photographer living in Alaska.

And yes, Mr Colberg! Your suggestion about more inter-blog discussions was my favourite on your list.