Inside/Out - Aline Smithson

In the series, Inside/Out. I explore the human experience--motherhood, puberty, childhood, work, aging, death, and loss--by using masks to create more universal images. I also hoped to discover what part of a person comes through the mask--what they can and care to project.

In general, I take photographs to allow myself and the viewer to linger a little longer within an image.  I try to look for or create moments that are at once familiar, yet unexpected.  The odd juxtapositions that we find in life are worth exploring, whether it is with humor, compassion, or by simply taking the time to see them.

I have been greatly influenced by the Japanese concept of celebrating a singular object. I tend to isolate subject matter and look for complexity in simple images, providing an opportunity for telling a story in which all is not what it appears to be.  The poignancy of childhood, aging, relationships, family, and moments of introspection or contemplation continue to draw my interest.  I want to create pictures that evoke a universal memory.

- Aline Smithson

Aline Smithson is the editor of Lenscratch, a noteworthy Photography blog. She is an excellent photographer too, and you may remember "Regarding Henry" - another wonderful series by Aline Smithson that we have published right here on 591 Photography. I am a fan of Aline. - Mr Urbano

Regarding Henry (published on 591)


br said…
very lovely work with the strange and familiar. excellent!
A dear friend and wonderful photographer! So great of you to be sharing her work with your readership. Anyone involved with photography should be familiar with her images.
Rhonda Boocock said…
Excellent...blew me away!
brbulka.g said…
Excellent ...! :-)
Grace Weston said…
Aline, these are AMAZING!
Carolyn said…
I love ALL of Aline's work. Thanks so much for featuring it on your blog.
Mary Ann Lynch said…
You have such an original, penetrating vision -- it shows up in everything you do, and stays with the viewer. Love this work too, Aline. Thanks for publising it up 591!
Jan Bernhardtz said…
Wonderfully creepy!

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