Escape to Reality - now as a permanent 591 exhibition

When I discussed this exhibition with Niklas Korte in September, I was suggesting it to be a permanent exhibition. Niklas was not sure about it then, so we made it a six month show. On 591 Photography it is always the photographer who decides about his pictures. We have a quite impressive archive of excellent photography, but the photos are there thanks to the photographers who willingly have shared their work with our audience.

I am glad that Niklas now tells me that he gladly accepts his exhibition to be a permanent show. For the introduction of Escape to Reality in September, 2010 I wrote: "I am glad that there are photographers like Niklas Korte. He is not a documentary photographer on a short visit to Realityland - it is life as he sees it. Everyday life with hope and despair, love and hate, life and death. "

Please have a look at the 64 images by Niklas Korte now available as a permanent 591 Exhibition. - Mr Urbano

Photos © Niklas Korte


This show is beautiful,
haunting and disturbing put together brilliantly.
Simon Johansson said…
Great! I'm a big fan.
Rhonda Boocock said…
So glad it will be here...mesmerizing images!