Revisit - Rewind - a multiArt project

Photo © Markus Andersson

Photo © Mette Muhli

 Photo © Mette Muhli

 Photo © Markus Andersson

RevisitRewind is a collaboration between two photographers, a musician and an author. It is concerned with questions surrounding past and present, about leaving the place where you grew up - and then return.
What remains of the places of my childhood?
Who was I?
Who am I now?

The project is presented as an exhibition at Karlskoga Konsthall, Sweden, from the 5th to the 20th of february, and as a photo book with a CD containing music, sounds and voice reading text.

Watch pictures from Revisit Rewind in the 591 Gallery ( Mr Urbano's selection )
Watch the website of Revisit Rewind with lots of information and music too

Markus Andersson and Mette Muhli use the magic of photography to relive places and people that they once left behind. It is an ambitious project where music, sound ( Anders Malmberg ) and text (Roberth Ericsson) interact with the beautiful photographs.

I like the way Revisit Rewind is presented. Yesterday there was a vernissage at Karlskoga Konsthall, Sweden and a photobook was released in context with the exhibition. There is also a website with lots of information about the project. 

I am glad to be able to show a selection of 28 pictures from Revisit Rewind right here on 591. My congratulations to the artists creating this noteworthy project. - Mr Urbano


For information on how to get a hold of your copy of the book, send an e-mail to, and the artists will get back to you about payment etc.


great project!!!!
I love the idea and alle those pictures!!!!