the Wall - by Squale

Please, enjoy this special selection of photographs by Squale about the Berlin Wall, 20 years later.

photos © Squale

I came across Squale photography by accident and found it immediately great. I had the chance to look into his self published little book Mauerreste, a travel around landmarks of the old Berlin Wall. I have seen something new the way I really like it!
- Paolo

Squale on 591


br said…
great work!! historically important. thank you!!
Mr Urbano said…
very good
Landreform ohne Börse
I like that
Anonymous said…
very good work, it the book in print?
Paolo Saccheri said…
Rick, have a look into Squale's website for the book and contact him. Also give a look to New York City great and cheap book posted on 591 too.
you find the link on mouse over Squale name. :-))