Jalla, Jalla, Mubarak ska falla (Jalla, Jalla, Mubarak will fall)

A number of  people gathered in Stockholm today to support the Egyptians and to protest against Mubarak, all in a very peaceful way.

All photos copyright Mikael Jansson


paulboo said…
Well done Mikael, a superb piece of photo journalism in this series.
Mr Urbano said…
very good Mikael!
important pictures!
Anonymous said…
Well done!!!
Tiberio Fanti said…
My gut feelings on watching these photographs, hours ago, were something like: "Oh my ... we will certainly run into troubles." Then I went out with my daugther as it has been an almost spring day and she wanted to use her bike. I met people from half the world on their saturday afternoon walk, people that had to move, as I did more than ten years ago, to make their living and thought: shall we, the "fifth economical world power" end up in the same situation as Egypt and Tunisia just because we are not able to shout out loud and tell the world that we can't no longer stand the delusions of grandeur of an old degenerate man lost in his richness addiction euphoria?

Next sunday my country will be under the world's eyes as our women will be rallying against S.B. and his flatterers. I wish to be there in the streets, as Mike did today.
Simon Johansson said…
well done!