a photograph with something written on it

This is a small print only about 4x4 cm. Although I have noticed it when looking through my parent's old photo albums it did not get my attention. A couple of days ago the photo was accidentally dropped to the floor exposing something written on the back of it.

The handwritten text tells me that it is a picture of the house where my father was born in 1905. I have never seen that house, only listened to the stories about the hard times that my father and his brothers and sisters experienced during that time. My grandfather was a bricklayer working in different places where there was work to find. He died from an accident in 1912 and my grandmother was left with a big family during difficult times. 

I guess that the photo was taken around 1955, but I am not sure about the photographer.

By the way - I think it is an excellent photo.

- Mr Urbano


liesericketts said…
it would be great to do a series of these...would love to see the back as well.
Rhonda Boocock said…
looks like a photo with a story!
Mr Urbano said…
I add the back of the photo
paulboo said…
May that's an idea for another "Days" theme!? I'm sure we all have shoe boxes of old pictures around the house...!!?
Mr Urbano said…
good idea Paul