Borbála Tüzes- Boba

I was born in Budapest in 1988. I started photographing in 2007.
I respond sensitively to the world around me, and I try to show this to my images.
I love to capture the feelings and the people, as I see them, and it's all black and white.

"You people are no longer a time to be colored, like a long time ago! (...) slightly more dreamed it better! flew, danced, conjured up the soul! But now wear as the human imagination!" Vavyan Fable

Elegant charme, fine sensitive approach makes the ladies almost  ethereal. Boba perfectly combines the possibilities given by one of the important element, the water. The pictures broadcast an exciting flicker for the beholder.  Enjoy it with your eyes and mind.

  All Photos © Borbála Tüzes


Paolo Saccheri said…
I find Boba's photos so beautiful!
Thank you Anita for sharing her images, there's the ability to capture poetry of life.
holhos tamás said…
Congratulation Boba!
Wonderful pictures,it's good to see
them anytime and anywhere.
wonderful artwork
that flows into the eyes
I love it!
brbulka.g said…
Excellent photo ... emotional affair ... :-)
Boba said…
Thank you very much! I'm very happy to be here! :)