Julien Dorol

I started taking pictures at the age of ten the day my father lent me his Olympus OM10 camera. In my teenage years, various interests would detain my practice of photography for a while, but not for long.
Deeply fond of mountains and wilderness, I travelled to New-Zealand for one year, and dedicated this trip to capture the amazing and lavish landscapes of the country.
I then packed my rucksack again and chose Laos for my next move. This two-month stay would prove to be a momentous step : I came to acknowledge how photography could indeed uncover and map the true beauty and power of human relationships.
From then on, the core of my work has been steadily dedicated to this plain purpose : to figure out the puzzles of lines, faces and eyes and recapture the stories they tell about human beings, testimonials of their lores and cultures, their needs and hopes.
-Julien Dorol

As you know I love to travel and meet people so I was really thrilled when I saw Juliens work because its about what I love in photography: to tell a story and meeting with people from all around the globe.
Julien´s work is excellent, there is a story within each photo and a precense that is hard to avoid.

Have a look in Julien´s homepage for more of his work

All photos copyright Julien Dorol


dick said…
Julien creates such a confident contact with people, that's a great gift
Balogh Anita said…
looks like a wonderful...beautiful composition and excellent pictures!!!!
I like this one a lot!!!
wonderful soultouching photos!
thank you for showing them!
Mr Urbano said…
You have a very special relation to the people you portray - I can imagine that people like to be photographed by you. Excellent work - that makes you glad - I think you show us something that I would call love of the world and of the people inhabiting this planet.
Rhonda Boocock said…
Amazing and real! Thank you Mikael and Julien!
f. l. said…
brbulka.g said…
Excellent photo ...!
Julien Dorol said…
Thanks a lot for you words.

@Mr Urbano : When you say "love", that's actually exactly what it's all about.

have a great day

paulboo said…
Amazing and so very beautiful :o)
Anonymous said…
well done!!