591 Exhibition: Rick Bennett - selected works

My photographs are records of those instants in time and place which I have found to be visually interesting and somehow inspiring.  Those instants simply present themselves for recording.  I hope that anyone who looks at my photographs is able to find in them whatever he or she wishes.
- Rick Bennett

Rick Bennett's work could be categorized as "Landscape photography" or "Architectural photography"

I prefer to simply call it "Very Good Photography". Watching his pictures over and over again has taught me a lot. I can sense Eugène Atget and Robert Adams as sources of inspiration to Rick Bennett. His approach is similar to the maestros - no big gestures, no immediate eye catching twist. They are pictures that need time - they will grow on you slowly.

I am glad to have Rick's work among our permanent exhibitions. You should take the opportunity to view these photos many times. - Mr Urbano

All photos © Rick Bennett


Rhonda Boocock said…
Rick, such a wonderful exhibition. I'm glad it will be here to look at again and again!
Anonymous said…
Hi, thanks. Ulf has done a great job
Balogh Anita said…
great visual presentation,beautiful pictures!Heartily congratulations!
Anonymous said…
thank you very much
Beautiful work and an excellent choice for exhibition!
Anonymous said…
Thank you very much

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