591 Exhibition: Ioana Moldovan - Bites of Life in B/W Squares

Ioana Moldovan's way of seeing the world appeals to me. She is a very talented photographer, capable of combining a subject (or a story if you like) with stunning compositions. She has a great sense of proportions and form - visible in her way of treating the square formate. 

I know little about Ioana except what she tells us in her photos. She wants it that way; "I don’t think that words can say more than images. So I’ll let them talk about me."

Ioana has created a fine website with much of her work that I highly recommend. But while you are still here, please enjoy the second online exhibition by Ioana Moldovan called Bites of Life in B/W Squares.
- Mr Urbano

Photos © Ioana Moldovan


Rhonda Boocock said…
Love these images of life! Very authentic! Thank you!
Michael W said…
Balogh Anita said…
I'm a big fan of Ioana's work!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great exhibition!
paulboo said…
Most amazing and insightful images, wonderful work.
breathtaking pictures - pure and tiefgut!
Henrik said…
Oh yes, a great exhibition!
Ludvig Nordahl said…
Ioana Moldovan said…
Thank you so much to all of you for your kind words. So glad you like it!
Thank you again Ulf for all your effort and interest in my work. I really appreciate it.
Kindest regards,
phildecker said…
Incredible geometry ... and the patience to wait for people to flow through the landscape.
Gerda Lelieveld said…
Beautiful compositions. Such inspiring and great work.
Very nice to see.