RGB Days of 591 - now a permanent exhibition

Photo © Verónica Gran

Photo © William Schmidt

The RGB Days of 591 Photography was a great show. But it is not over! Rhonda Prince who was hosting and editing this magnificent color eruption has selected 46 pictures to be part of a permanent exhibition - one picture from each one of the participating photographers. You would not dare to miss this show, so please have a look at the gallery. - Mr Urbano

GO to the permanent exhibition RGB Days of 591 Photography

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Rhonda Boocock said…
Thank you again to all those who participated- Ulf, the album looks great!
cafe selavy said…
Thank you Rhonda and Ulf for letting me be a part.
paulboo said…
Many thanks to you Rhonda for all your hard work, it is greatly appreciated. Thanks again for choosing one of mine, I am honoured.
Jacek Siwko said…
perfect selection Rhonda! ;)
Mikael said…
Nice selection Rhonda :)
mia said…
it was a blast to watch them!Album looks awesome.