Verve Photo created by Geoffrey Hiller

National Day, Bucharest, Romania, 2009
Photo © Andrei Pungovschi

one of the photographers featured on Verve - read more about Andrei

Verve Photo is showcasing a new photographer every other day. The editor Geoffrey Hiller is doing a great job with this site and I recommend you to have a look. I also asked Geoffrey to say a few words about his work with Verve - Mr Urbano

"I have been editing Verve Photo for over two years and make a huge effort to showcase work from all over the world- not just here in the USA. I've worked as a photo- editor with Black Star in New York and Sipa Press in Paris. It's always easier to edit the work of others compared to my own (I'm also a photographer). Before including a photographer I expect to see a body of work- several projects- that show a unique style/ way of seeing not just a few strong images.

With the proliferation of digital photography I'm also interested in expanding the definition of "documentary" photography.

After I choose a photographer I ask her/him to write a paragraph about the photo and what it means to them and the creative process involved.

Over the past two years Verve Photo has grown steadily and attracted a loyal audience. Some of the photographers who have appeared on Verve Photo have also landed assignments or sold their photographers as a result of editors and art directors being introduced to there work through this venue."

Geoffrey Hiller
Photographer/ Multimedia Producer


Paolo Saccheri said…
As a former photojournalist I find your Verve Photo website very interesting and you do a great job for it!!!!