Hedemora Blues

"After more than 15 years I returned back to where it all began. The place where I spent my summer holidays as a child had become a kind of haven, a place that was just mine. Where nothing could reach me.

The deep forests of Dalarna. Two days in a state of disorder. Running away from the backsides of a partnership - caught in despair.
Desperately seeking answers and meaning I was looking for comfort in the familiar. Watching this fragile state of mind reflected in the image of the perfect, but in fact distorted parent generation.

One could say that I used photography to liberate me from the distress…but I’d rather not say anything. The images may be too obvious in their symbolism, but they are also, in truth, free from sticking attitude, completely without irony. ”Hedemora Blues” is a compilation of relationships, love and family."

- Text and photos © Johan Dahlroth

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Valeria said…
me gusta la tercera.
br said…
lovely photos!
Anonymous said…
I like this. But you could get closer, reveal more of yourself. You are on your way...
Mikael said…
A real nice series
Johan Dahlroth said…
I try to bridge the gap, but the distance always seems so far.

Maybe if I gave it more time? And wasn't such hopelessly amidst.
Anonymous said…
and I forgot,
Thanks everyone! /J.D.

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