RGB days on 591 - resting colour

photo © Veronica Gran

280 pictures and 45 photographers later, RGB days on 591 is coming to an end. During this week 591 has been visited by 4,000 unique visitors from 60 different countries. We feel it has been a success! In fact...because of the great response we are planning another RGB week on October 15 - 22 during the beautiful colors of autumn, just before the grey days of November. And, of course, we will celebrate the color of Spring again next year with an RGB week in May.

We would like to express our gratitude for all your wonderful contributions...it has been a bright and colorful week! I've always been drawn to black and white photography as well as dark and somber colors so this week has opened my eyes to the possibilities of color and I thank you for that! -Rhonda Prince


Mr Urbano said…
Thank you Rhonda and all of you who generously have shared your pictures on 591 Photography. A very inspiring and brilliant week! Mr Urbano
Susanne said…
I do love b/w but colours are very uplifting and inspiring too. :) Thanks for a great week!
Sehraeuber said…
Many thanks Rhonda for this marathon in color !
That was an unbelievably coloured week, normally I’m a b&w photographer but it was gorgeous to regard all these pictures in colour ... thanks to all photographers ... I'm looking forward to the coloured future :)
Mikael said…
Wonderful pic and big thank´s for all the work with it Rhonda
Unknown said…
Hi everybody!!

Sorry about this but I´m afraid that I´ve seen this post too late.
Thanks for choosing my pic and many thanks for the week!!

Rhonda...well done!!!