Streets of Sydney - Andrew Stark

It is a pleasure to present Andrew Stark, a great photographer living in Sydney, Australia. His pictures from the streets of this city are certainly something to write home about. Well... I think it's even a better idea to introduce him to you dear readers of 591 Photography. Andrew has shared a generous selection of 20 pictures from his extensive work. You will find ten of the photos right here and all of them in the 591 Gallery view. - Mr Urbano

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"Sydney is blindingly sunny … excepting of course that odd occasion when Hughie, our designated cloud rolls in from over the Tasman and the resultant precipitary descent allows raindrops to drop coolly upon our heads, scattering leathery beachgoers in the manner of a troop of inner city ants caught unawares at a Doc Martin street parade (i.e. we don’t do rain well).

And to the lonesome street photographer, Sydney’s thoroughfares bustle and burp much as any worldly village of a reasonable populace, offering much variety and a challenge never ceasing. She is a bright; vivacious, wholly colourful city – so I naturally choose to shoot her daily dance using a gritty, grainy emulsion of heavily stressed black & white… for obviousness cruels all tangible purpose and I do so like my slice of mornings toast to be multigrained, morgue cold and tripe chewy.
- Andrew Stark

Andrew Stark is a 46 year old native of Sydney, Australia, born in the sprawling western suburbs of the city. His photographs have been widely exhibited (National Gallery of Victoria, Kodak Gallery, Hazelhurst Gallery, TAP Gallery, Museum of Sydney, Kinokuniya Gallery, Fairfield Museum, Waverley Library & The Whitlam Library) and published (B&W (US), Australian Style, Good Weekend, Eureka Street, OZ Arts, Hamburger Eyes, Coastal Style etc).

His twenty year collection of photographs was published as a 128 page book titled ‘Snaps from Sydney’ during 2003 (followed by ‘Candidly Inclined’ published 2005) and a solo exhibition “Starkers”, which was shown at the Museum of Sydney (Sept 2006 – Feb 2007). 2008 included a major exhibition “Down South” hung in the Hazelhurst Gallery, Gymea (Aug-Oct) and was followed in 2009 by a 25 year retrospective. During early 2010 he completed “Escaping Into Life: a psycho study of the contemporary street photographer” a 75000 word treatise on personality typology and photographing on the streets.

Photos and text © Andrew Stark

Andrew Stark
Born: 1964

Lives In: Woy Woy, sixty minutes north of Sydney in the large & laconic Republic of Australia.
Latest Exhibition …”Our Neighborhood” at the Fairfield City Museum & Gallery.
Coming, Planned Exhibition: Following on from hanging half a
dozen shows in the past three years – I’m currently having an exhibition breather.
Inspiration: Robert Frank, William Klein, Garry Winogrand, Sergio
Larrain …
Inspiration Other: Alcohol, understated beauty … and anyone with an ability to climb out from beneath life’s turgid tarpaulin of unceasing clutter.
Film/Digital: Film

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Anonymous said…
this is very good street! i like it a lot.
/simon j
Rhonda Boocock said…
very dynamic photographs!
Unknown said…
Moments well caught. And I thought street photography was dead!
Mikael said…
Great Streetphotography, give us more