Délibáb/Fata Morgana

Emese Altnőder
Roland Biró
Gyula Fazakas

Pictures of Zoltán Balogh
/Fata Morgana

Exhibition vernissage of

Emese Altnőder
Roland Biró
Gyula Fazakas

Hungary, Budapest, Artbázis Gallery - 2010.05.11

The photography exhibition is open until 3rd of June.
(From 3rd of June until 1st of July - Metropolis exhibition, where Paolo Saccheri and friends performs)
was opened by Roland Biró.

Pictures of free assiciation, impressive visual correspondences, from very intuitive and thoughtful artists. Take a flight to Budapest!


br said…
congrats!!! i would like to meet all of you!!
Mr Urbano said…
Very good news!
Congratulations and keep going!
/Mr U
Altnőder Emese said…
thank you Vera, and thanks for the pictures to Zoli:)
Paolo Saccheri said…
I'll be there very soon!
But so far I see beautiful works!!!
Fata Morgana is a great title for exhibition.

And the colour photos by Gyula!!!!
hehehe you look like a sicilian man in this photo :D
laan said…
a colorful sicilian :D
Jacek Siwko said…
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Jacek Siwko said…
good reason to go back to Buda and Pest