Fishes - Paola Sartorio

Photos © Paola Sartorio

"This is the first time for Paola Sartorio, it's a début in the art system. ... when Paola started to fix in her magic box the colours of the aquarium of Genoa, her City ... every fish tank is like a tv set where shapes and colours move. A sort of magma, without beginning or end, like in the belly of a magic ball." - Angela Madesani, 2003.

I like the creative imagination of Paolallegra, this is her true name, and I like her name too... I could translate it "Cheerful Paola" :-)

Paolallegra Sartorio
Born: 1977
Lives in: Genova
Inspiration (photographers): Sarah Moon,Luigi Ghirri,Maurizio Galimberti,Sanders,Nadar,Gregory Crewdson,Araki,Vincenzo Castella,Maurizio D'Agati...
Inspiration (other): Matisse,Mark Rothko,Caravaggio,Giotto,Michelangelo,Rodin,Calderer, the 'Sturm und drang' current ....
Film, digital or both: digital for magazine, film exclusive for exibitions


Mr Urbano said…
Excellent work Paola - the first picture is a perfect entrance to the beautiful colors of the aquarium - your website is very nice too - thanks for sharing.
Mikael said…
Abstract and nice