the Surreal Self

photo © Milja Laurila

Unfortunately several pictures from this post has been deleted by mistake. We are investigating how it happened and will do our best to recover the photos. I  strongly urge all photographers who were affected to participate in Self Days 2 coming in spring 2012. - Mr Urbano


El Rey said…
excellent editing Reina
mrurbano said…
My compliments to Gyula, Rhonda, Anna, Milja, AL and Mia...these self portraits are something I will write home about ;)
Great imagination!

( and 1/3 of the credit to Micke for Mr Urbano's triple )
br said…
thank you, Rey, and thanks to the very creative and talented photographers who sent photos!!
Jacek Siwko said…
great ones , respect:)!!!!!!!!!
These all are excellent edited images which truly reflect photographer's talent. Thanks for sharing.