RGB days on 591 - William Schmidt

                                                photo © William Schmidt

When I was young, I was attracted to the brighter colors of the spectrum.  The brilliant reds and yellows of circuses and fire trucks commanded my attention.  Later, the darker colors associated with autumn prevailed, the oranges and deep crimsons of the holiday season.  Now, I think I might "suffer" from sensory overload and, of course, the consequent deadening of the senses.  I remember in colors and in textures, and my memories are subject to synesthesia.  Now, the images I try to make are colored, too.  This image is part of a series on the ceremonial couture of an American "Coming of Age."  I've asked some women if I could photograph them in the dresses they wore to their high school prom.  The colors in this picture are not real, but I remember them this way somehow.  They are real.  The colors of memory.  - William Schmidt


Mikael said…
Great pic with impact