a commuter with a camera

You have met Alexander Dahl, a young Swedish photographer with lots of talent right here on 591 Photography. Last week I had a chance to meet him in real life at a café in Stockholm. We talked a lot about photography of course and he also showed me a book he is working on. It is about people riding buses, metro and commuter trains in the Stockholm area.

I found some favourites in his book and you see some of them here. The giant plant coming out of the metro is quite special with many details to enjoy. Alexander has a keen eye and I am really looking forward to see more work by him - I know that he is right now busy with yet another photo book project. - Mr Urbano

Alexander Dahl on 591 Photography


Ma-Lee said…
I really like this commuter topic. I use bus everyday and is amazing how many interesting things, people, characters and weird moments can happens!

Luisa. from Nicaragua