The little Hero

Bucharest. Centre of Bucharest.

An improvised area with improvised houses burned down because of an electrical issue. Robert was playing football with other boys while he heard his brothers screaming.

He runs back home and saw his house on fire with his brothers inside. He tried to break the door - impossible, he tried to crash the windows...he finally managed.

He got his younger brothers out, after that he used a carpet to stop the fire. He saved all of them, but he couldn’t save himself

Name: Robert
Issue: burned all over the body - brain tumour
Age: 12
Solution: -
7 500 EURO- surgery for tumour extirpation
10 000 EURO - other surgeries

Text and photos © Maurizio Cimino


Mikael said…
Strong pics and strong story, wish Robert all the best in the future
liesericketts said…
These photographs are wonderful. I can feel the day, the air around him, your lens in close proximity. You made me live the moment.
Valeria said…
wow, very touching pics!
br said…
a little-big hero!! great work, intense and real.
Rhonda Boocock said…
very powerful and great work!
paulboo said…
He is indeed a hero, a genuine selfless hero. Hope his life works out OK in the future.
A great story well told with these images.
Unknown said…
Strong photos and a strong reality...he became a hero from the start of the story...touching!
Unknown said…
TY all!!!
i guess all this feeling about Robert and his family will help!
cheers mau