Ewa Stackelberg - The 80's reinvented

Ewa Stackelberg's magnificent portraits "The young ones" are painted with light in a completely dark room using the widest opening of the camera.

There may be a sheet that shields us like a skin.
A thin sheet around our love.
That bears the newborn.
Cools the one that sweats.
Surrounds the lovers.
The ones who loved long ago,
in love scenes that precede us.
And then the sheet around the young.
I want to wrap up their openness.
Raise a weave against the red strobe.
There may be a sheet for the power and fragility of the body.
That surrounds and lets fall.
A cloth to give to the warm darkness.

Ewa Stackelberg

Ewa Stackelberg participates with two more portraits from "The Young Ones" in the 591 Spring Exhibition.
Ewa Stackelberg on 591 Photography.