Mikael Johansson - The 80's reinvented

"Lots of people talk and few of them" know is the title of Mikael Johansson's project dedicated to portraits of men. Gareth Longstaff says in an introduction to the book with the portraits: "Like a phone call that shocks and amazes you, they are somehow staring death and desire in the eyes and embodying a futurity that they have not lived yet but know will come"

I am fascinated by these portraits of young men born in the 80's They are not there for just a quick glance. There is something about them that make them last. Excellent and interesting work. - Mr Urbano

Mikael Johansson participates with two more portraits from this series in the 591 Spring Exhibition

Visit the site of Mikael Johansson to learn more: mikaeljohansson.co.uk
Mikael Johansson on 591 Photography