some oddities in the neighbourhood

It was like a horror movie. Mr Urbano was watching the Globe from his window and spotted something strange on the roof ( and have a look at the sky!). Well, next day Mr Urbano realized that it was just Art. Nothing to worry about. Waiting for the bus, he made a framed self portrait with the digi compact. But, what's that on the pavement, ruining the masterpiece! What's that thing?

OK, the worst is still to come. A man in white on the roof! Looking like the guys who came to get E.T. Really scary. Men on roofs should be dressed in black.


Paolo Saccheri said…
great results for a digi compact!
Mikael said…
Groundhog found a house ;)
mrurbano said…
I am thinking about buying some missiles from Kim what's his name ;)