Photos © Allan Siegel

I was very glad to receive these pictures (a wonderful use of colours!) along with a letter from Allan Siegel. He is a filmmaker, media artist, writer, and teacher and lives in Budapest, Hungary. I am looking forward to
hear more from Allan in the near future. Binaries is a project that will be exhibited by the end of this month at the Liget Gallery.
- Mr Urbano


Mr Urbano said…
I like these diptychs very much
with the play of colours and form
the pictures are dynamic
testing the limits
observe how the bikes are directed and how they relate to the person in the bus/tram
very fine!
Mikael said…
Clever work, lines and shapes that come together real fine
Rhonda Boocock said…
yes, very fine indeed!
Paolo Saccheri said…
so fine!
No common use of colour! and matches.
Anonymous said…
Steel,color,hair and a story, good job
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