don't stand out

All photos © Adam Dymowski

Adam Dymowski takes us for a walk on the wild side ( it¨s called "architecture" ) in Gdansk, Poland. One of the signs says "don't stand out". This young Polish photographer has something to say. And I am sure that there is more to come from his point of view.


Mikael said…
Very good work, looking forward to see more
br said…
some interesting a unusual fotos. great!
Alexander said…
Very impressive!
Vedres Ági said…
Adam, ginkuje bardzo. beautiful photos.
adm said…
Agi, I don't tend to do beautfiul photos
I like that dirty grainy look, scrateches, imperfections
I have seen too many beautiful pictures that I'm sick of
media sell us that "beautfiful" people, places etc
polish magazines copy those from western countries
millions "beautfiful" cats, children, sunsets etc. people copy magazines
I don't agree with Leibniz that we live in the best of the worlds
although I don't say that my photos are telling the Truth (whatever it is...)
just want them to be meaningful
mrurbano said…
the pictures you talk about Adam are perhaps "beautiful" while your grainy photos are beautiful - without " "
Oskarp Mask said…
This is a Kieslowski kind of thing: seeing the humour in the depression. I agree - there should be a ban on beauty. Thanks for showing some great photo art from my former homeland.