"I'm thinking about how exciting good graffiti can be"

Enjoy the pictures by Stanley Fefferman. I am excited too! You should get to know Stanley living in Toronto, Canada by reading his blog. He mostly writes about classical music: "The Tokyo String Quartet playing Beethoven’s early Quartets", "Yuri Bashmet played Max Bruch’s Kol Nidre, Op. 40 on a Testore viola like the model Mozart used." "As Simon Trpceski shapes the closing section of Chopin’s “Fourth Scherzo, in E Major, Op. 54″, one has the sense of a lovely sea-breeze blowing through french doors that open onto a patio overlooking a starlit sea murmuring of endless love."

This is a man who knows what he is talking about. And he photographs graffitti too! Thank you.

Stanleys Fefferman's blog: www.showtimemagazine.ca

All photos (and quotes) by © Stanley Fefferman)


Mikael said…
Yes graffiti can be real cool done right and at the right place, remember walking the side streets in Boca, Buenos aires and got really amazed by the graffiti there, these looks cool too and nice pics
Mr Urbanograf said…
the one in the street corner is amazing
and how do you spell

is it graffitti or graffiti or grafitti - I will work on it
br said…
dynamic comps and light....great!!