591 Universe

Dear readers. The 591 Universe is expanding day by day. You probably know about 591 Spaces, 591 online exhibitions, 591 Collection and 591 Reportage. But there is a lot more waiting in line. How about 591 T-shirts? (hmm...) or 591 cookies (well...) or 591 Soft Drinks (too sweet...)

Seriously - there are some interesting ideas waiting to be realized. A 591 IRL Exhibition (from web to wall) would be an interesting challenge - another one is 591 Prints (from web to paper).

Get involved and drop us a line if you have any suggestions or ideas for the site.
Photography is about communication and so is 591.

Please have a look at the open invitation for 591 Summer Exhibition (Portraits). We are looking forward to present it and it will be great. Deadline for your pictures is May 30.

- Mr Urbano


Vedres Ági said…
Mr. Urbano, I have a lot of ideas, I'll write you.
GC said…
i want a 591 tshirt!
Mr Urbano said…
A T-shirt hmmm...
I will look into it ;)
and a Mr Urbano T-shirt to go along with it perhaps ;)
GC said…