preview from "Closer to Beyond" - friends of 591 exhibit in Genoa

On Thursday May 14th, seven photographers and friends of 591 will be very excited in Genoa. We (I'm one of them) will exhibit together in the Galleria Studio 44. After having known each other on the blog (actually all the others are from Budapest and meet at need!) we decided to show our most surreal photos in the historical center of Genoa, close to my home.

The photographers are: Paolo Saccheri (that's me), Gyula Fazakas, Emese Altnőder, Roland Biró, Vera Fehér, Ági Vedres,
Miklós Acsai.

The Consulate of Hungary is involved in the exhibition and has also invited us to present again the exhibition in the spaces of their cultural association in Savona. This exhibition is the beginning of a dialogue between artists, galleries, countries.

We are going to organize a cultural exchange bringing some artists of Genoa to exhibit in Budapest! This is a Blog to Wall experience too. Nothing more could be desired.... or not? Some other good news could come out from this!

- Paolo Saccheri

Photo © Ági Vedres

Photo © Emese Altnöder

Photo © Gyula Fazakas

Photo © Miklós Acsai

Photo © Paolo Saccheri

Photo © Roland Biró

Photo © Vera Fehér


Mikael said…
Cant be anything but success!
mrurbano said…
Good luck to all of you! The historic centre of Genoa will roll and tumble - wish I could be there!
br said…
this is fabulous! a meeting of photographers who met on the web. great idea and great photography!!!
Tiberio Fanti said…
I miei migliori auguri, Paolo.
Complimenti per l'organizzazione.
GC said…
How wonderful! Best of luck on the exhibit, wish I could come and see it.