New book by Sanna Sjöswärd

"Min mor är en persisk prinsessa" (My Mother is a Persian Princess) is a newly released book by photographer Sanna Sjöswärd (published by Norstedts). She tells the story of the reunion with her lost family in Iran.

After living three years at an orphanage in Tehran, she was adopted by a Swedish family. Sanna grew up with Swedish customs and did not know anything about her family in Iran. But starting to look for her roots, she eventually received a very special phone call - it was from her mother.

This happened in 1999 and was the beginning of many trips to Iran where Sanna met a long lost family, quite different from her adoptee family.

Photos © Sanna Sjöswärd

Sanna Sjöswärd is one of Sweden's most celebrated current photographers and her book has been very well received by Swedish media. I am looking forward to meet her later this summer to talk about the book and show more of her pictures to the readers of 591 Photography.

Please have a look at Sanna's ongoing exhibition "Engla Louise" on 591 Photography gallery.
You may also visit her website, where you will find out more about where to get the book.
- Mr Urbano


Mikael said…
Great, will get it and put right next to my copy of Rötter, its always a pleasure to watch your work Sanna!