591 Exhibitions

Since the start of 591 Photography on Nov 9, 2008 there has been 38 online exhibitions of photography. One more is set for the coming weekend and then there will be a pause in opening new individual exhibitions until the end of August. However, some of the current exhibitions will run well into the Northern hemisphere summer.

The group exhibition "Portraits" - 591 Summer Exhibition will be the big event from June 20 - August 29. See info.

Current exhibitions

To Mom, Dad and my two Brothers - Aida Chehrehgosha
The '80s, United States - Pedro Meyer
Livet kan inte vänta (life can't wait) - Urban Brådhe
Post-Soviet journeys 1990-2001 - Lenke Szilágyi
Self-Portraits - Michelle Marie Roy
Engla Louise - Sanna Sjöswärd
Snow - Ági Vedres
9700 Days - Tread
New Waves - Robert Henriksson
Burned - Jurek Holzer

History of exhibitions

Patricio Valenzuela Hohmann
Chris Maluszynski
Goran Popovic
Noelle Grosso
Alyson Belcher
Magdalena Dziurlikowska
Ewa Stackelberg
Thierry Clech
Keith Dannemiller
Abelardo Morell
Tatiana Bitir
Justin James Reed
Marc Frohwirth
Alexey Tikhonov
Christofer Grandin
Andrei Riskin
Vera Féher
Håkan Strand
Jan Bernhardtz
Ulla Larsson
Simon Johansson
Gordon Chapman
Emese Altnöder, Roland Biró, Gyula Fazakas
Owen O'Meara
Malin Hellesø
Markus Andersson
Joakim Strömholm
Thomas Håkansson


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