591 assignment: Turn around - June 1

Photo © Ulf Fågelhammar

Monday June 1th there is a special assignment for you, dear reders of 591. We live in times when it is important to change the perspective, so how about turning around and take a picture of what's behind your back?

This is a Dada like experiment, I think, The idea is to make a photo without "thinking". So, no matter what is behind your back, just shoot. As I know that my readers are intelligent and will not get lured into anything easily, I can hear some of you say: But what if I plan this in advance and looks for a place that suits well for such a photo. OK, you may do that if you like, but you can never be 100 % sure what is happening behind you at a certain instant (when you press the shutter)

You may set the camera in advance for aperture, focusing etc - but the main idea is that when you turn around you should not look for a composition or something happening - you must press the shutter immediately.

Interesting, isn't it? So I am looking forward to see your turnaround photos. They will all be published on 591 in June. - Mr Urbano

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br said…
good idea...it should be interesting!