Forgotten Ponies - by GC and Rhonda Prince

This is a very dear series to me. It makes me think of secret rooms left behind, about childhood, about dreaming. The forgotten ponies were found by Rhonda Prince/Boocock of USA and Gordon Chapman of Canada. 

It is a great collaboration between two good people that I hope to meet some sunny day. If not tomorrow, perhaps for the first 591 International Congress...and GC, I will bring the T-shirts. You bet. - Mr Urbano

Rhonda sent these beautiful lines to go along with the series.

"hobby horse lament
feel the power between my knees, rocking to and fro, keeping head low...
faster now with wild abandon, feverish pace, wind in my face.
like life, wild ride, pushing hard...ending up just where I started..."

Photos are © Rhonda Prince/Boocock and Gordon Chapman