European Parliament election approaching

The political campaign posters for the coming elections are up and you see them all over Stockholm. There has been some debate about the posters being vandalized ( it happens every time there is an election) and that they are too much Photoshopped.

How about these findings? I am not 100 % sure about the people in the last picture. Perhaps you can help me out, so I don´t cast my vote for any populistic party? - Mr Urbano


carles Comella said…
Super photos.
Super blog.
Vedres Ági said…
I vote for Tony Curtis, because he has a Hungarian relatives in Hungary. Thx
Rhonda Boocock said…
definitely Tony Curtis. He played Houdini once in a movie and politicians are great magicians...tricking the people with careful sleight of hand.
Mr Urbano (Curtis) said…
you are wonderful
Mikael said…
Not sure about how many that still are alive in that last pic, it must be from a previous election
If Ingo still were alive then I´ll put my vote on him