flaneur - Alexander Bartsch

All photos © Alexander Bartsch

Just when I am dying to see some blacks, they are right there in the inbox. I am glad to show this excellent black and white photography by a young photographer living in London, UK. Really great stuff.
There will be more from Alex in the near future. - Mr Urbano

Alexander Bartsch

Born(year): 1983
Lives in: Brixton, london
Latest exhibition: Monty's, Brick Lane
Inspiration (photographers): anyone from my mate Zip to Anders Petersen
Inspiration (other): the world we created
Film, digital or both: film
Quote: just like jokes i can never remember any
Homepage: alexanderbartsch.com


Altnőder Emese said…
I like this series!
chhampus said…
this is som nice pics
Vedres Ági said…
Alex, I love them. thanks. I offer my dogs for you:
Mikael said…
Nice Indeed!
Chris said…
Lovley images!