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THIS is Wanja Lundby-Wedin ( the picture is from the press material on the website of Sweden's Trade Union Confederation ). Unfortunately there is no info about the photographer.

Expressen, Sweden´s third largest daily newspaper, yesterday published
pictures and an interview with the head of Sweden’s Trade Union Confederation, Wanja Lundby-Wedin, only to find that they had spoken to, and photographed, the wrong woman. Expressen's editor Thomas Mattsson has apologized to the readers. Read the full story in The Local - Sweden's news in English.

I think it is a quite incredible story. The picture of the wrong woman was on the tabloid's front page, with a "wartime" headline: "Wanja refuses to answer questions".

This is a serious crack in the credibility of some professional journalists and photographers who sometimes claim that "citizen journalism" (in blogs, local papers etc) should not be trusted and is lacking in "professionalism".

This amazing story also makes me think of a favourite quote:

Don't be talked into anything.
Check for yourself!
What you do not know yourself
you don't know. /B.Brecht


br said…
oh my...not only is media biased, it is deeply flawed....a crack in editorial oversight and professionalism. thanks for posting.