Street Days - The Album

photo © Vera Fehér

photo © Ryuta Abe

photo © Jurek Holzer

We know you have been waiting for this! Mikael Jansson who hosted the event has selected 62 pictures, one from each of you photographers who participated in Street Days on 591 Photography. It will be a permanent exhibition for you to watch again and again. Enjoy!

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A spectacular exhibit. So many images that work so well. I really enjoy taking my time with them.
Mikael said…
Yeah looks really fine. It was a treat to host Street days so many good photos you all sent in and a big Thank´s again to you all that made this possible!!!
GC said…
what a treat to go through all the images - a superb exhibition. Bravo, Mikael!
Jurek Holzer said…
Most of the credit goes to Mikael for putting this show together. Great job. Thanks!
Simon Johansson said…
yes, great job! thanks