Blossom - Anouk Lessard

First of all, please forgive me for not knowing too much about contemporary fashion photography. So when I received an email from L'eloi with a link to the photographers there, I really did not know what to do. My references to Fashion photography is of the kind like Harper's Bazaar when Brodovitch was art director and they had cover pictures by Henri Cartier-Bresson. When Man Ray and many other maestros worked for the magazine. Or the fashion photography made by Newton, Penn, Avedon etc

I took a liking to the work of Anouk Lessard, who is one of the photographers of L'eloi. She is a creative photographer and good photography will always find it's way through, no matter what category.

I am glad to know that the new Museum of Photography in Stockholm Fotografiska will hold a major exhibition this autumn dedicated to Fashion photography - I am really looking forward to it and to learn a few more things. More about that event later on. - Mr Urbano

All pictures © Anouk Lessard

Anouk Lessard

Born: 1971

Lives in: Montreal, Canada

Latest exhibition: Warrior of love-Remix for A&D (

Coming, planned exhibition: working on a new project : portraits of flowers in to the night...
Inspiration (photographers): Paolo Roversi, Malick Sidibé, Ryan McGinley, Diane Arbus
Inspiration (other): Cy Twombly, Terrence Malick, Patti Smith, RAh RAh , Alela Diane, Andy Goldsworthy...
Film, digital or both: digital & polaroid

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