Retrato de Familia (Family Portrait)

With this project I intend to ironice the idea of the conventional family portrait, reproducing it but modifiying its essence, since the people that appears in each picture are not related and the environment where the image takes place is unfamiliar for them.

I used photography as an evidence of a social ritual, producing images that even though presents families that are artificially constructed they work like actual family portraits, because the fictional (mock) document that they conform its a resemblance of what an ideal family is. The family portraits are just a mascarade that doesn´t represents what the family actually is. This is why the game of representation becomes more real than reality itself.

- Andrea Martorellet

It is a privilege to have friends of 591 Photography all around the world. The great photographer Liese Ricketts who has contributed a lot to this blog was in Lima, Peru where she met Andrea Martorellet. Liese told her to send some of her work to 591. I am glad she did. Andrea says "the game of representation becomes more real than reality itself". It is genial of course. - Mr Urbano

Liese Ricketts on 591 Photography

All photos © Andrea Martorellet


Anonymous said…
Great project. Simple and moving.
cafe selavy said…
Anonymous said…
..mmm, more tha brilliant, Andre is my old daugther...congratulations!!!
Rhonda Boocock said…
wonderful...I never would've guessed that these weren't families.