Paint it red - Kerstin Kuntze

Kerstin Kuntze makes me think of Rolling Stones; "I see a red door and I want to paint it black" and "She's like a rainbow, Coming, colors in the air". So, when looking for a selection of her work to present on 591, I soon came up with the idea of "paint it red". Her use of that colour is magnificent.

But what about the rainbow? Well, there was a picture that presumably would not fit in with the "paint it red" idea - the rainbow rollercast. But it is such a great picture, don't you think? So I had to publish it, and while doing it I keep hearing Mick Jagger singing "She
's like a rainbow, coming colors in the air"...Enjoy this selection of Kerstin Kuntze's work. - Mr Urbano

Red is the colour of emotion - lust - desire - dream - desaster - heat - expression - life...
So paint your life red and enjoy the intense effect.

Kerstin Kuntze
was born 1965 in Cologne, Germany. She lives in Frankfurt.
After studying graphic-design at the the Universtity of Essen (Folkwangschule), she worked in mayor advertising agencies as an art-director.

Picturemaking was always an inward urge.
Starting at an early age with " always drawing". She´s now (since 2004) using photography as a basis to show her view of the world. Using a Canon 40D as well, as webcam and iPhone-cam.

Often the photos become graphics. A reduction to form and colour. There's always the wish to experiment - to try - to find something new - maybe fail - find something inside that wants to see the light.

A red life that's also great in black&white.
Visit for more of Kerstin's work.


All pictures © Kerstin Kuntze


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Tack så mycket Mr. Urbano!
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me han encantado!
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Kerstin inspires reality