"Hey, Boys" - exhibition by Ági Vedres in Budapest

“No one is concerned with the boys.” – Ági Vedres

"Hey, Boys!" - an exhibition by Ági Vedres opening at The Hungarian House of Photography – Mai Manó House on 9 July and running until 29 August.

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"Of course, what interests men is women, but what interests Ági Vedres is just the opposite. She is interested in everything that happens with them, and first and foremost in that about which she knows nothing, and which remains hidden or becomes visible only on rare occasions. And this is why she follows them everywhere, tries to become invisible for a time, and then becomes visible so that they can only realise by chance, for just a moment, but by then she has already long finished photographing them.

The exhibition of Ági Vedres, entitled Hey, Boys!, is about guys living in Hungary, in 2010. Those who exist consciously and unconsciously, just hanging around, loafing about, serious, wild or gentle, macho or effeminate, hedonistic, taking the straight path, mischievous, Momma’s boys, muscular or skinny geeks, tattooed or smooth-skinned, hip-hoppers, rappers, skateboarders or serious musicians, junkies and clean, studs or stay-at-home types, bookish or illiterates, rich or broke deadbeats, creative types or those without an idea in their head."

- Quoted from the opening remark by Katalin Keserû, art historian

Photos © Ági Vedres


Vedres Ági said…
I'm very honoured to present my solo show for 591 and all af you.
If somebody is in Europe in summer and in Hungary/Budapest wellcome tomorrow on the show at 6 p.m.

Thank you Ulf.
Étienne Jacquet said…
I have just visited a website of the exhibition where i've seen a few pictures of your show. my first thought was that these pictures are simply boring...they are boring because they do not influence anything in my mind..they are boring because these pictures doesn't show anything that i have read in your magniloquent intro. it would be great if you could post on 591 some other pictures of the exhibition..maybe I haven't seen the "right" pictures...best regards

a boy from France
Aimée Maudrillard said…
Sometimes it could take a lifetime to see... sometimes you won't ever be able to...
It's just a matter of luck.

well done Agi.