Maori rappers by AL

It is a pleasure to present these photos by AL. He was successful in capturing the pride and beauty of his subjects and offers 591 viewers an opportunity to experience a culture that is not widely known. -br

I met these two Maori rappers on the streets of New York. They were invited here to perform in few underground clubs. Hip-Hop seems to be a perfect fit and edgy enough for contemporary Maori warrior and sharp-tongued "femcee" wahine. With the music and words their fight goes on.
They agreed to have this short photo session. I am not a Hip-Hop "follower" but I was hoping to catch some of their pride and beauty which once defeated the British Empire.

Jayse Gardiner - self taught musician and graffiti artist and Hera Tamati - "femcee"/singer and social activist helping her people "navigate" in the bureaucracy of the land that they once had but never owned. -AL

photos copyright AL 2010


Mr Urbano said…
Some fine portraits - I like the colors and the mood of the pictures, especially the dark tones in the first portraits. Thanks for sharing AL.
AL said…
Thanks Mr Urbano :)
Mikael said…
Yeah, nice portraits