El Maestro

Maestro Jaime Jory with ballet students
Universidad del Norte, Arica, Chile

Photographer unknown
picture taken around 1970

I like this picture - the pose of the maestro, the students listening to his teaching, the shadows on the wall. It is a photo that I think means a lot to the depicted persons. A photograph can be like a precious wine, the older it gets, the better it will look and taste. I am very fond of such photos. In this case the depicted maestro is an important person who has contributed a lot to the development of dance in his country and elsewhere. - Mr Urbano

Article (in Spanish) about Jaime Jory receiving the Premio Nacional de la danza 2009.

Jaime Jory has been the principal male dancer and also founder of the Ballet of
Teatro Municipal de Santiago. He has dedicated a great part of his artistic career to educate dancers and to coreography. Jory lived in Paris almost 20 years and was choreographer of the classic ballet at the Sorbonne University.

In 1997 he created Estudio de Danza in Temuco, Chile and the Compañía Dancerías that soon transformed to the Ballet of Teatro Municipal.