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Zed is watching the decline and collapse of the finance capitalism. He is thinking hard about possible alternatives to this outdated form of managing the economy of this world. He does not beleive in feeding the big financial players with trillions of dollars or Euro, because they will never be satisfied.

Thanks to citizen C, citizen zed has found some interesting things to read. Finally an attempt to analyze the ongoing madness of the so called financial markets and the insaneness of the so called debt crisis.

Read what Ellen Hodgson Brown has to say:

Interesting article from the "Web of Debt":
Who will pay, Wall Street or Main Street – the Tobin tax or the VAT?

Citizen Zed is also thinking about how to depict all this mess affecting the lives of billions of ordinary people. It has been said that a picture could tell you more than a thousand words. Well...but on the other hand - how many pictures does it take to visualize just a single word ?

( citizen zed walks away looking for a thoughtful spot )


Mikael said…
Yeah one could need a peaceful spot when thinking of all the greed in the world