there are many rooms - Paul Shelasky

Photo © Paul Shelasky
I come to think of the line "there are many rooms" when seeing the pictures by Paul Shelasky. First of all because of the feeling I get, every frame is like a room that the photographer allows you to enter. Paul's pictures tells me that you don't have to stick your camera in somebodys face and that you don't have to be in the first line when telling a story. There are many ways to do it...Paul's photos give me a sense of intimacy, a time to reflect.

Paul Shelasky

Born(year): 1967
Lives in: Providence, Rhode Island, USA
Inspiration (photographers): Andre Kertesz, Harry Callahan, Robert Frank
Film, digital or both: Film all the way
Quote: I do what I feel, that's all, I am an ordinary photographer working for his own pleasure. That's all I've ever done. - Andre Kertesz
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Paul Shelasky on 591 Photography

The other thing that comes to my mind seeing Paul's photos is the multitude, the many rooms of the art of photography. 591 Photography embraces this multitude and will never cover just a specific "style" or "category" of photography.

We love to receive pictures from you, dear readers. So keep them coming. - Mr Urbano


Paolo Saccheri said…
so beautiful and powerful visions!
Rhonda Boocock said…
it is like rooms...enjoyed the tour! Beautiful!
Mikael said…
Excellent work